Manhattan Dinner Cruises

Dinner Cruises from Manhattan Island

Written by Julie Greiner
The thought of planning a Dinner Cruise from Manhattan stimulates the imagination. Are you thinking of a big bash with lots of people and celebrating some monumental occasion like a Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Engagement or New Years? Or is this going to be a very private intimate setting with you and your special one with the back-drop of the moon reflecting upon the New York Harbor lights.

Manhattan Dinner Cruises from the Hudson River to Long Island Sound

Dinner cruises are available on luxury yachts, double decker party boats, luxury ocean liners and ferry boats that circle the Statue of Liberty, pass North Park, Battery Park, Governors Island and
circle around past Brooklyn, the Bronx and onto Long Island Sound.

Manhattan Dinner Cruises from Ellis Island to the New York Harbor

The private candle-lit table for two with a trio playing in the background sets the scene for many dinner cruise advertisements. However this may be a reality easily arranged. There are hundreds of dinner cruises offered in the Manhattan area. Some start as economical as $28. per person and then the sky is the limit. What better way to make a memorable occasion a truly wonderful adventure than a Manhattan Dinner Cruise.
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